Revolutionary new app to be launched soon


We have just spoken with one of the best matchmaker in the world and now promoter of  ALL STAR FIGHT (Buakaw’s event), Mr.Sasan Ghosairi, regarding his very last effort: the application

Sasan didnt hide his enthusiasm about this new born platform, that has been built by a team of programmers in a relentless 2 months effort, and he explained in exclusive for us the main features of this product that will for sure have a great and positive impact in the combat sports community.
The platform, that aims to be some sort of facebook for combat sports/martial arts will be hosting:
1)streaming/on demand channel of a selection of the main promotions
2)database similar to boxrec, containing bios and updated records of fighters for kickboxing and muay thai
3)online tutorials
4)personal profiles/gym profiles with live streaming option
5)news channel
Mr.Ghosairi anticipated us that this will be just the beginning and new features will soon be added. is already downloable on android and it will be aswell in ios in 1 week time.


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