Three foreigners to promote the image of Muay Thai across the world


Ayutthaya has been the spectacular set of a 2 days photoshoot organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand in order to promote the image of Muay Thai and Muay Boran across the world.

Many familiar faces of muay thai world in the cast guided by Master Thanee Homchampa (Muay Boran Association), with only foreigners to take part Emmanuele Corti and Miriam Sabot from Sitjemam Muay Thai and Royce Cerfoglio from 7 Muay Thai Gym.
We disclose to our readers some backstage pictures and we take in the meanwhile the occasion to thank Khun Harneen Yuvadee (Thai Fight/ Women Fight referee) for the courtesy.
The official set will soon be released by Thai Government and available across the world.


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