Giovane fighter spagnolo riceve l’opportunita’ di combattere al Lumpinee


We get notified from Thailand about this young Spanish prospect. Ignasi Larios is one of the numerous young fighters who train 7 Muay Thai Gym, who unlike most who after a relatively short period of time decide to head back home, decided to stay for for an indefinite amount of time, and managed to enter the camp’s team of fighters. Ignasi did not have any experience as a pro fighter before travelling to Thailand, so after 4 months and 3 fights, all won by (T)KO, he was given the opportunity of fighting at the Lumpinee Stadium.

Here you can watch the VIDEO of Ignasi’s fight at “The Global Fight”, mid-week event held at Max Muay Thai Stadium.

Ignasi 7 Muay Thai Gym will debut at Lumpinee Stadium in the “Lumpinee World Champion” event, which take place on Saturday night around 9.00 PM, after the fights on live TV are over. He will be part of the main event and he will face Thai fighter Petchbuachet Rinmuaythai in the 67kg weight limit. The fights will be live on the event’s Facebook page.

News sponsored by: 7 Muay Thai Gym.

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