Video: Yodlekpetch vs Saengmanee

The last 28th of June, Rajadamnern Stadium hosted the clash of Muay Thai superstars Yodlekpetch and Saengmanee at the limit of 136 pounds.
The match shown one more time how difficult can be the interpretation of  the result of a match under the classic muay thai scoring.
Tale of the tape:
The 2 fighters started as usual very slow with an increasing of the pace at the very end of round 2.
From round 3 onwards its basically the same script: Yodlekphet moving incessantly forward and Saengmanee working his classic fimeu style with a great effort both in quality and quantity for the joy of the fans.
In our opinion what will make the difference for the judges at the end of the bout will be that Saengmanee fell on the canvas 3 times(in rd 3, 4 and 5) showing in this way a lack of control/power, in addition of the constant  pressure and forward of Yodlekpetch.
49/48 for all 3 judges awarded the red corner Yodekpetch the victory of the contest of the night.


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