Miriam Sabot winner vs. chinese champion

Two months of incredible success for Miriam Sabot (Sitjemam Muay Thai) who, after a year of stoppage due to ACL surgery and struggling at the same time against severe anemia, has managed to score a series of performances that boosted her name at the top of the world ranks.
The 36 year-old ‘nakmuayying’ from Gorizia won in the order against the champion of Southern Thailand Petchbenja in the top event Muay Thai Superchamp Live on Channel 8, won the Thapae Boxing Stadium title -56 kg against the feared Nongying and then took home the  WMO World Title -54 kg in Bangkok in a rematch against Nanghong, top Thai fighter that came out winner in their first clash last february.
Miriam was then selected to take part to a top event under K1 rules in China,  filled with big names such as Sudsakorn.
Her opponent at the limit of 56 kg is the home champion Jia Liu, who came from a victory of pure domination at Glory 57 against the famous thai Zaza Sor. Aree.
Incredible match conducted by Miriam Sitjemam Muay Thai who, incessantly moving forward for 3 rounds managed to close the distance and break the rhythm of the Chinese favorite, thus winning a clear decision for the displeasure of the numerous fans supporting the home athlete.
Next appointment for Miriam set in Italy, to defend the colors of Sitjemam Muay Thai in the prestigious Petrosyan Mania gala organized by the Petrosyan brothers in Milan.


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