It was looking like the usual Thai Fight show in Chiang Rai, with the thai favourites winning vs the foreigner designated opponents with ease (often dominating the match) until the unexpected happened:

Diego Beneduzzi-relatively unknown nak muay from Brazil, that here we see losing for KO a few months ago in Pattaya (VIDEO) – was challenging feral ko artist and thai fight avatar PTT on the limit of 69 kgs in a match that was looking  one sided at the very least…
Well Diego has eventually been able to hit the jackpot with an astonishing performance.
Everything started as expected with PTT starting full steam to get the KO Bonus, but the brazilian fighter didnt appear intimidated at all, and started trading hits until he was able to connect the right counter:PTT down, stunned and visibly unable to continue with the referee stopping the bout without even starting the count and declaring Diego winner of the contest.
The beauty of muay thai today at today’s Thai Fight October 27th 2018!
It’s all from Chiang Rai!

Enjoy the VIDEO


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