Interesting card this Sunday on Thai CH8

Event date: 16 December 2018

The usual Sunday event Muay Thai Super Champ goes takes place this Sunday 16 December, near the famous Khao San road in Bangkok, live broadcasted on Thai TV channel CH8 from 6.20 p.m.

7 high level fight matches in 7 different weight categories, from 54kg to 72kg, in the already typical format that sees Thai fighters against farang fighters (foreigners).

Among the scheduled matches is particularly interesting the one of Moroccan Bakkali 7 Muay Thai gym, who will face the fearful left-handed Palangphol Supermuay at the limit of 65kg, Thai athlete accustomed to the stage of the Super Champ and Lumpinee Stadium, but Bakkali will not be sure intimidate, especially after the incredible victory against the Thai Deannarong at his last appeareance at Super Champ on November 18th VIDEO . On that occasion Bakkali was rewarded as the best fighter of the evening.

Another necessary mention must be made of the match of the Italian Piergiulio “Titano” Paolucci against the tall knee master Yoddiesel Lookjaomaesaithong, at the limit of 70kg. “Titano” is a very popular athlete in Italy, originally from Terracina not far from Rome, in every fight he puts his soul, showing the results of intense training to which he dedicates himself with commitment and tenacity. Since 4 months he moved to 7 Muay Thai gym in Rayong (Thailand) gaining the experience necessary to get a fight at Super Champ live on CH8 and also winning a couple of warm up fights  amongst which one at Max Muay Thai stadium in Pattaya.

Like every Sunday, therefore, the athletes warm up their muscles and the crowd: it’s Muay Thai Super Champ! Not to be missed.

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Laurea in economia aziendale, attualmente lavora come professionista ed imprenditore edile, ma nel tempo libero ha sempre praticato sport fra cui pallavolo, tennis, ping pong, calcio, atletica leggera, sci. Ha iniziato a praticare qualche anno fa a livello dilettantistico la kickboxing, per poi successivamente scoprire nella Muay Thai la sua vera vocazione nonchè passione incondizionata, che lo ha fatto avvicinare anche alla cultura e alla storia della Thailandia, visitata di recente per approfondire le proprie conoscenze della vera Muay Thai andando ad allenarsi in alcuni camp e seguendo a bordo ring alcuni incontri negli stadi famosi di Bangkok. Ha grande interesse anche nella lettura, nel cinema e nella scrittura, fra l'adolescenza e l'età adulta ha scritto recensioni cinematografiche e alcuni racconti brevi, uno dei quali è stato pubblicato a seguito di un'edizione del concorso letterario giovanile Grinzane Cavour.


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