All Star Fight: Army World Soldier

Event date: 9 March 2019
All Star Fight management joined forces with the Royal Thai Army and it is now ready to deliver a show of unprecedented magnitude that shifted the equilibrium and somehow the rules of matchmaking.
The upcoming show named ‘all star fight world soldiers’ will take place the next 9th march(before planned general elections throughout the country), and will put in the same card living icons of Muay Thai that the promotion has been able to hand pick from other direct competitor shows with the support granted by the Royal Thai Army.
This huge operation has been announced to the public -as per official communication- to boost the unity and pride of Thai people and enhance relationship between Royal Thai Army and other countries armies, and not last to promote muay thai and its cultural aspects among new generations.
So, All Star fight will basically bring ALL the biggest names of Muay Thai of current times along with headliner Buakaw in this event :Sittichai(Glory), Petchpanomrung(Glory), Yodwicha(Top King) and Superbon(Kunlun) are now officialized in the card.
It is still to be understood what will be the reaction of other major promotions, that has seen their main ‘attractions’ getting -de facto- conscripted in All Star Fight lines.
All Star Fight somehow ‘shown the muscles’ with the huge move, and its original slogan ‘Thai culture has a name’ never seemed more appropriate.


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