Sittichai: “it’s past Giorgio’s prime”… the best pound-for-pound Kickboxer of all time


1.  When you started fight and why?

I was born and raised on a farm in Buri Ram Province, Thailand. My parents are farmers and I grew up living at home with my parents on their farm. I come from a poor rural family so we did not have an easy life.
My father was a former Muaythai Boxer but did not make a career from fighting. He likes the sport of Muaythai and I was influenced by this. I was still young and going to school when began training Muaythai. I become a Muaythai Boxer and started fighting at the age of 11 y.o.
I saw it as an opportunity to earn money for myself and help support my family. Now that I have achieved this goal I want to continue making a bigger name for myself in Thailand and be more recognized for my achievements.

2. Where you training? Name of your trainer?

I joined Sitsongpeenong Muaythai Camp Bangkok and moved to train there in 2009 when I was 17 y.o.
My Trainers at Team Sitsongpeenong are:
Monlit Sitphodaeng, Jakkrit Fairtex, Tong Sitsongpeenong, Phaniang Poontharat (Boxing Coach) and Aziz Nabih from Sitan Gym, NY.

3. How many fights until now? Muay Thai and kick Boxing?

My Official Professional Fight Record is:

159 Fights – 123 Wins – 31 Losses – 5 Draws (32 KO’s)

My first fight under Kickboxing Rules was in April 2013. Since then I have had 37 Kickboxing Fights.

My Professional Kickboxing Fight Record is:

37 Fights – 32 Wins – 5 Losses (10 KO’s)


4. Which titles you won in Muay Thai and which in KB titles?

Former Titles:

– GLORY Lightweight World Champion (70kg) – 2016 – 2019

– YiLong Challenge Tournament Champion, 2017 (71kg)

– WLF (Wu Lin Feng) World Champion, 2017 (71kg)

– GLORY 28 Lightweight Contender Tournament Champion, 2016 (70kg)

– Kunlun Fight 2016 World Championship Top 16 / 4-Man Tournament (70kg)

– Fight League – Grand Prix 8-Man Tournament Champion, 2015 (70kg)

– GLORY 22 Lightweight Contender Tournament Champion, 2015 (70kg)

– Kunlun Fight World Max 4-Man Tournament Champion, 2015 @70kg

– Lumpinee Stadium Welterweight Champion, 2014 (147lbs)

– Nuit Des Champions  4-Man Tournament Champion, 2014 (K-1 rules @70kg)

– Toyota Vigo 8-Man Tournament Champion, 2013  (70kg)

– Champions Club “1 – King”  4-Man Tournament Champion, 2013 (70kg)

– Toyota 8-Man Tournament Champion, 2012 (67kg)

– Thailand (PAT) Welterweight Champion, 2012 (147lbs)

– Nuit Des Titans 4-Man Tournament Champion, 2010 (63.5kg)



  • 2018 Awarded – GLORY Fighter of the Year
  • 2018 Appointed Official Representative: Ambassador for Sports Thailand – China
  • 2017 Sports Writers Association of Thailand – International Muaythai Ambassador
  • 2015 Combat Press Kickboxing Awards – Fighter of the Year
  • 2015 Sports Writers Association of Thailand – International Muaythai Ambassador
  • 2014 BoxeMag Best International Fighter of the Year 

5. When was last fight at Lumpinee or Rajadamnern? Who was your opponent and result?

Oct 28 2014 – Sitthichai vs Maruay Sitjaepond, (145/147lbs), Win TKO4 Rounds

            * Defended Thailand (PAT) Welterweight Championship Title (147lbs)

            * Wins Vacant Lumpinee Welterweight Championship Title (147lbs)

I defended my Thailand (PAT) Welterweight Championship Title and won the vacant Lumpinee Stadium Welterweight Championship Title. Giving up a 2lbs weight advantage to my opponent Maruay Sitjaepond, AKA Sokkraw Petchyindee Muaythai Academy (his present fight name).

6. What You don’t like of Kick Boxing fight? No elbow, no clinch or what?

I think because of my outside fighting style in Muaythai Rules (dislike for clinch and knee) combined with the experience I gained from Amateur Boxing for The Royal Thai Army. I am amongst a small minority of Thai Boxers naturally suited to fighting under Kickboxing Rules. Being a Southpaw and my amount of fight experience I also gives an added advantage over Foreign opponents.

7. You often fight abroad. What differences do you see between fight in Thailand and outside?

Yes, I was fortunate to have be given the opportunity to fight overseas early in my career. Beginning in 2010 at the age of 19 y.o. (10 years). Over that time I have fought in over 35+ events overseas. So I am used to preparing for fights outside of Thailand. Which has contributed to my success.
Well obviously the prize money is much better than I could make in Thailand. And the potential for success fighting Kickboxing is greater than I would had with Muaythai alone.

8. You know Giorgio Petrosyan? Giorgio is considered the best Kickboxer of all time and is Italian. Would you like to fight against him?

 Yes, of course, I know of Giorgio Petrosyan, we have met a few times in the past at different events. I’m well aware of what he has achieved in the sport.
I consider him not only the best 70kg Kickboxer ever but also the best pound-for-pound Kickboxer of all time. If a comparison was made between the Top 10 Best Kickboxers of all time, regardless of weight class and all at the prime of their careers. Taking everything in consideration. Giorgio Petrosyan would simply be in a class (at a level) of his own. Like Saenchai was in Muaythai.

I think we share some similarities, not only because we are both Southpaws, but also fighting style and character. For me, Giorgio’s fighting style has been the best example I’ve had to study and to learn from. He is also very humble and down to earth person despite being such a big Superstar and famous Champion of Kickboxing.

Yes, of course I would like to fight him. To be considered the best you must fight the best. Fortunately for me, I think I have a better chance of winning now that he is past his prime.

9. Italy is not lucky land for You, on Your first appearance in Italy in Milan accompanied by Roberto Gallo Cassarino you lose the fight. What do you remember about that fight with Enriko Gogokhia?

 Yes, Italy is definitely not a lucky land/country not only for me but for other Thai’s fighting on the same events including some of my team mates from Sitsongpeenong Muaythai Camp.
The fight against Enriko Gogokhia was not only my first fight on an event in Italy. It was also my first fight under Kickboxing Rules.
In my opinion, I did enough to win the fight. Enriko was more the aggressor and the majority of his offence relied on punching. Which was mostly ineffective. Whereas, I used a rounded combination of punches, kicks and knees which were more effective. After watching the fight again on video. It was a close fight but I definitely believe I won.

 10. Now that you’ve left Glory and you’re in ONE, what your next goal?

 Obviously, I’m glad I will be fighting more often in future with after signing with ONE. My goal is to win every fight against the best Kickboxers in ONE along the way to becoming ONE Kickboxing Champion @70kg.

11. We want to see you fight in Italy as soon as possible, do you think it will happen?

No, I don’t believe I will have the opportunity to fight in Italy again after signing with ONE.
After the disgraceful decision in my fight vs Robin Van Rosmalen for the Glory Lightweight Championship on GLORY 25 Milan. Which was scored in favor of RVM by the judges despite of me dominating the fight and easily winning almost every round.
It has left a very bad impression in my mind that I will not forget. I definitely feel that Italy is not a lucky place for me to fight.

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