World Siam Stadium, an innovative stadium


We at News Muay Farang took an interest in the World Siam Stadium, a new stadium opening in Bangkok.
We asked to Mr Christopher Jhon Marsing, the community manager of the team, some preview information which we report below.

General informations

The World Siam Stadium is located ad 3500 Ladprao Road, Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi district in Bangkok province and it’s reachable in several ways: taxi, bus, motorbike, BTS and boat(Bangkapi Pier).

The team is made up of many people, including 23 owners, whose names, however, they have not been reveal, and the Spanish Jose “Pitu” Sans, one of the participants of the famous television program The Contender Asia, covers the important role of international CEO.

An innovative stadium

The World Siam Stadium will have a particularity that will distinguish it from all the other stadiums: a circular ring!

In fact, They told to us that there will be 3 different rings that will interchange according to the type of the event: the structure will remain the same seam that but will be changed in the cage, the square ring and the circular ring.
This, in fact, will be the second major innovation: Muay Thai will not be the only discipline to be present, but boxing, kickboxing and MMA matches will also be staged with athletes from all over the world, both men and women.

The building will have a capacity of about 1000 people, with different types of seats, and therefore different types of tickets, and VIP areas.

The concept

World Siam Stadium will, therefore, be a great and innovative stadium, which will have to be compared with the other already famous stadiums in the capital.

We, therefore, asked Mr Marsing what strengths will allow this stadium to compete with the already existing giants.
His response was: “We will compete with the other stadiums’ thanks to our team from all over the world, combining old school and new school to create a great show.”

Their concept will be to promote, support and develop international fight, keeping traditions but also bringing some innovations (see the circular ring as an example).

The opening date is not yet known with certainty, so we will look forward to seeing this new stadium in action and in the meantime we thank Mr Marsing and we wish the best to the whole World Siam Stadium team for the business.

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