Thailand: New Normal boxing stadium regulations


A Thai language article reports the rules that maybe be adopted at the imminent reopening of the Muay Thai stadiums in Thailand.

After a meeting between Professional Boxing Board and promoters, new rules have been agreed in order to try to restart the promotion of boxing sports in Thailand.

It must be reminded that as per today there has been a significative amount of consecutive days with no local transmission of infection registered in the country.
Here an overview of some of the rules that will have to be followed
  • boxers must be quarantined for 14 days before the fights(for this reason Omnoi had to postpone from June 20th to July 4th)
  • clinch action ‘as little as possible’
  • maximum 50 persons in the complex and no spectators
  • minimum distance from the ring for any person to be kept at 2 meters
  • judges to stay behind a plastic enclosure/screen
  • 4 different changing rooms are kept available for boxers


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