Bangkok’s Muay Thai trying to take off amidst turbulence

Last Wednesday afternoon Nuttadej Wachirarattanawong (Khun Boat) was the protagonist of a highly anticipated press conference in his Petchyindee camp to explain the reasons why he decided to abandon, along with 3 other top promoters, the collaboration with the iconic Rajadamnern Stadium.
It is no mystery that the world of muay thai has been given an almost fatal blow by the new regulations put in place for the COVID emergency here in Thailand, with practically zero help given to the camps and boxers actually unemployed for months (many even forced to return to work in the fields in their provinces of origin).
However, Khun Boat, chosen as the spokesperson by the other promoters, hoped for the granting of aid (intended as a reduction in the rental fees) given by the Rajadamnern management to the promoters, who, having to face large losses, still had the intention of starting again accepting heavy restrictions (closed doors and numerous safety rules), thanks to the government’s go-ahead.

On 26 June took place instead the press conference organized by Rajadamnern Stadium’s Management, officially addressing the theme of the new normal. The management stated that they had taken note of the words of Khun Boat but that in any case, the doors of the stadium were always open to all promoters, de facts not responding to the precise accusations brought by the promoter two days before. Unfortunately, as reported by Khun Boat, the Rajadamnern management did not want to hear reasons about it and there was even a harsh verbal confrontation between the parts that made any margin of negotiation impossible, abruptly closing the relationship between the Rajadamnern Committee and the promoters.

The classic 5×3 muay thai format of the big stadiums appears nowadays in an unprecedented crisis. The Lumpinee stadium has been in a substantial limbo for years due to the known logistical and managerial problems, and in facto, it would seem on the eve of a plausible passage to CP, a big company that often sponsors Petchyindee events, for a complicated attempt of rebooting.
The newly renovated Rangsit Stadium now offers the rent to any interested promoter with a 50% discount just in order to be able to overcome the period.
The new offer of the World Siam Stadium, in a multifunctional perspective catering both combat sports and entertainment in a modern and captivating fashion, is now showing the muscles.
This new venue is de facto trying to establish itself as the new protagonist in Bangkok, starting with the first show branded by Petchyindee, live on True TV channel on July 10th.
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Emmanuele Corti: he started to practice muay thai at a young age in Trieste (Italy), beginning to fight almost immediately in prestigious gala along with top Thai fighters and rising stars like the Petrosyan brothers. After a period of work experience leading him abroad, he eventually settled in Thailand in late 2011 crowning the dream of his life, which is to open a muay thai camp. From that year he has been actively following the preparation of his camp's fighters and has often collaborated with the Muay Farang team, continuing to fight actively for the major promotions of the Asian continent.


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