Deksakda Sor-Jor Tongprajin stopped by the scale


Tonight, on 10 July 2020, there should have been the WBC MuayThai Super-Featherweight title fight between Deksakda Sor-Jor Tongprajin former sitsongpeenong and Samingdet Nor Anuwatgym. 

However, the fight has been canceled because Deksakda war unable to reach the weight of 130 lbs, a weight that he has always reached without any problems. He should have lost the last 1.9 lbs This morning at check weight, but unfortunately his body would not allow him to do so.

Petchyndee promotion, in consultation with the WBC fight supervisor, decided to not allow him to put his body under anymore to cut the weight. Thanupetch Wor Sangprapai will take Deksakda place tonight.

Dekskada, who was transported to the hospital for checkups, apologizes by declaring “I really had no energy, I’m so sorry.”

The muay thai of Bangkok is amazed at what happened because Deksakda has always been a serious athlete and has always presented himself in perfect weight. Not only the stop of the lockdown, but the general laziness in the restart of training, especially by the Thai but also by the farang, has certainly influenced the poor physical preparation of the fighter.

We wish to Deksada a quick recovery and we hope that this stop caused by the lockdown does not reap other victims

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