FLASH NEWS: Reopening of the stadium to the public


Rangsit Boxing Stadium in Bangkok will reopen access to the public on Thursday 13 August. Spectators’ entry into stadiums has been banned across Thailand due to the pandemic. It was in fact important to avoid gatherings of people in closed places.

This change, dictated by the fear of new infections, undoubtedly changed muay thai in this period. Empty stadiums and no bettors, who, as we well know, are the real engine of this sport.

The fighters were also indirectly affected. On the one hand, salaries were halved due to lack of funds due to the absence of the public and sponsors. But the fighters were also affected on an emotional and psychological level, as they found themselves fighting in a desolate and silent stadium.

This first reopening, despite being with a limited number of people entering, will be a “test” to see if it will be possible to return to normal. If it turns out to be a positive attempt, it will be followed hand in hand by all the other stadiums in the Country.

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Chiara Giusti, 21 anni, Milanese, diplomata in chimica ma da sempre appassionata di Muay Thai. Il suo percorso inizia a soli 12 anni, debutta quasi subito a contatto pieno; inizia così ad allenarsi duramente per poter affrontare le prime trasferte estere, mentre il desiderio di poter vivere di ciò che ama fare si accende dentro di lei. Finita la scuola, decide di raccogliere tutto il suo coraggio e provare a vivere come una vera ‘Nak Muay Ying’ al camp 7MuayThai, innamorandosi di questa vita e decidendo di trasferirsi in Tailandia. Appassionata di lettura e di scrittura, vuole far conoscere questo fantastico mondo pieno di divertimento e sacrifici, adatto a chiunque voglia mettersi in gioco.


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