Flash News: Women protagonists of the television weekend on C8/Thailand


A weekend, all or almost, to the female, what is expected for Saturday 12 and Sunday 13, during which, for the first time, will be put on a three pink matches a night.

But the great news is not just the number of women’s matches on TV on ch8: the mainevents and co-main event of Muay Hardcore and Muay Thai Super Champ, which have been held over a three-rounds three-minute distance, will only be feminine.

On Saturday 12, which is the event using MMA gloves, will be on stage Sawsing Sor Sopit vs K.Carlos (main event), Dangkonfah vs Souris Manfredi (co-main event), which is expected to be a very tough match given the style and tenacity of the two athletes, and Nongbiw Sidyodsean vs Barbara Aguiar (on the first part of the evening), which is often fighting in Muay Hardcore.

On the evening of the 13th, in the mainevent, Chomannee, one of the most famous and techniques in the world of muay thai, will be on stage against Erin Kowal. We have seen Erin against  Sawsing Sor Sopit and she has distinguished herself by hers beautiful muay thai.

To support this great fight, as co-main event, we find two promising Muay Yings with a very similar style: Faseethong, reducks from the very recent ko, will be against Smilla Sundell (Firtex) who has proved her perfect muay khao style against Sawsing Sor Sopit beating her by points. In the first part of the evening, we find the third female match that will take place between Cambodian Soeng Maeuy and Thai Nanghong.

This weekend will be a big step forward for the Muay Ying achievements in the world of Muay Thai. Despite a few years ago, female muay thai was considered boring and low-level, the facts of this period show that something is changing. Today, however, women’s fights have audience, sometimes even more than male fights, are no longer considered boring and they are required to put them on stage because they are beautiful to see. In addition to this, even bettors are starting to look at the pink fights with more interest and this is one of the important signals in the world of ‘real’ Muay Thai, that is, the one made in its motherland. Above all thanks to the television audience and to the advertising, women’s fights are offered more often and in greater numbers and payments are also on the rise. Is that the real turning point for women?

In the meantime, we wish a “Chok dee”, good luck to all the Muay Ying that this weekend will cross gloves!


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