A tale of redemption made in thailand


It’s from these days a story with a very happy outcome coming from stadium’s muay Thai.
In the first half of November, a very young gambler and former nakmuay made news after having been accused by other bettors of trying to leave the stadium premises without paying a debt.
The episode, that took place at Rangsit Stadium, led the promoter Khun Boat to act in the first person to cool down the spirits before the situation degenerated, by harshly scolding the boy for his behaviour.
Khun Boat decided, however, to give the young man a chance to put this bad story behind him.

He offered the youngster to add his name in the fight card of his show that would have been staged at Rangsit on Friday 11th December.

The kid, fighting under the name of Fahwanmai Charmlak Tour (ฟ้าวันใหม่) , didn’t delude his patron.

He put on a brilliant show with moves not seen since Somrak’s times
taking home the victory and winning, in addition to the purse, 20,000 THB of extra prize from Khun Boat and 80,000 THB from the bettors.

full fight VIDEO 


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