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Insisti, resisti, conquista! La storia di Emanuele Tetti

Insisti, resisti, conquista! La storia di Emanuele Tetti

Nak Muay Ying(s): female fighters in Thailand

Original Article in Spanish https://esquinathai.es/mujeres-boxeadoras/ Written by EsquinaThai Muay Thai is for women just as much as it is for men, this is something that becomes clearer day...

Weight cut: what do you need to know

Interesting article from esquinathai.es Original version https://esquinathai.es/cortes-de-peso/ In Muay Thai competitions, weight cuts are fundamental and in some cases provide the fighter a great advantage in facing their...

SakYant tattoo and Muay Thai: magic and tradition

Interesting article taken from the blog esquinathai.es Original version:https://esquinathai.es/tatuajes-sak-yant/ Tattoos, known as SakYant (Yantra tattoo- geometric) are very popular in the land of Muay Thai and...

Scoring at “ONE Super Series Muay Thai” explained

One is without any doubt doing incredible effort to develop itself into a never seen before all comprehensive combat sports platform, achieving great results. This...

Three foreigners to promote the image of Muay Thai across the world

Ayutthaya has been the spectacular set of a 2 days photoshoot organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand in order to promote the image of...

AcervoThai lists the best ‘farang’ Muay Thai fighters

Foreign fighters in Thailand are commonly known as (nak) muay farang, so how could we not share this article? Brazilian blog avervothai.com, very active and competent...

’Real Hero’ & their real sexy ring girls

This shouldn't be news to anyone, but ring girls are like icing on the cake that is Muay Thai TV shows. Watching two Nak...

Revolutionary new app 8count.tv to be launched soon

We have just spoken with one of the best matchmaker in the world and now promoter of  ALL STAR FIGHT (Buakaw's event), Mr.Sasan Ghosairi, regarding...

ONE FC opens to Muay Thai & Kick Boxing

One Championship will launch a new and captivating formula that will see Kick Boxing and Muay Thai soon in a new tournament designed for elite...

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The hardest weight classes for fighters

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Sittichai: “it’s past Giorgio’s prime”… the best pound-for-pound Kickboxer of all time

1.  When you started fight and why? I was born and raised on a farm in Buri Ram Province, Thailand. My parents are farmers and...

Muaythai and children: the difference between Thailand and Europe

Muaythai is a fundamental part of Thai culture, followed and loved by both adults and children. All the greatest champions, some of them are also...