Miriam Sabot is back vs Nanghong Liangprasert


Miriam Sabot(ita) is expected to make her comeback fight representing Sitjemam Muay Thai the next february 12th at annual Red Cross Charity Gala held in Maehongson, after 1 year stop due to injury.

Her scheduled opponent will be Nang Hong Liangprasert, well known and highly regarded fighter from Uttharadit, that has just scored a gold medal at Thailand University Championships, and able to defeat in recent times World Champion Thanonchanok Kaewsamrit (R.R. Gila Lampang) in Lampang-Thanonchanok’s home town-to cash a hefty side bet of approx 100,000 thb.

We remind our readers that Miriam, who was part of original Satori Gym Gorizia along with celebrated Petrosyan brothers under the tutelage of Alfio Romanut, beat in 2013 the current Italian No.1 Martine Michieletto.

During her career in Thailand she shared the ring with TOP athletes like Chommanee Taehiran,Phettapee Mor Rattanabundhit and Sayfaa Sor. Suparut and in 2015, after having spent years in Thailand, manager Roberto Gallo Cassarino gave her the chance for an international title and she took the occasion to show her value by taking home the -56 kg title of the Z1 Malaysia beating the reigning champion Dilara Yildiz, while Nang Hong was on stage in the same event in a prestige fight at -54 kg.
This will undoubtedly be an important test for Miriam, who is working incessantly for a return in style to the main shows made in Thailand.

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