All Star Fight 28 April 2018 – Bangkok

Event date: 28 April 2018

All Star Fight had a brief setback after the megafight between Buakaw and Fabio Pinca was canceled due to the Frenchman’s KO loss at the hands of the Uzbez champion, Anvar Boynazarov.
The management later declared that the fight will be made, but not in this next event which will take place on April 28th in the hub of Muay Thai, Bangkok, and as always it will be live broadcasted on TV.

As already seen in the previous editions, this even features 3/3 minute rounds of pure Muay Thai, and its course of action is to allow only the “stars” of the sport to step on its ring. Obviously, as the biggest superstar the sport has, Buakaw Banchamek will always be part of the show as a fighter as well as one of the promoters.
All Star Fight works against the trend of the many ‘thai vs farang’ format based events, which is to put quality before quantity. They are looking for a new quality standard, trying to honor the line of work ‘all the stars of the ring’, makes it hard to put on a show every week. Therefore, the project is to organize 6 to 8 events per year, selecting only the best fighters from each country.
Of course, it seems like a very ambitious project, but the ‘quality’ road instead of the ‘quantity’ road is surely one that will ensure the fans to enjoy high level fights, considering that thailand’s TV is now overwhelmed with weekly events.

The European stars that took part in the first edition were the Belarusian Andrei Kulebin, the French Azize Hlali and the Italian Mathias Gallo Cassarino, and on April 28th representing Spain will be Carlos Coello Canales,  fighting out of 7 Muay Thai Gym .

This time, sharing the ring with Buakaw will be Danish talent Niclas Larsen, very dangerous fighter that recently defeated Thai champion Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai at Glory Kickboxing. Surely we can argue that Buakaw is something else, as he is big for the the division and also that the fight will be under Muay Thai rules, but it’s a fight where anything can happen and that will keep the combat sports world glued to the screen.



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