Kulabdam vs. Muangthai 2 (กุหลาบดำ VS เมืองไทย)


An excting and highly expected rematch that was seeing big puncher Kulabdam opposed to the elbow executioner Muangthai didn’t delude the fans last night at Lumpinee Stadium, with Kulabdam trying to defend the stadium’s belt .

The bookmakers had to stop collecting the bets after the vast majority of the gamblers put their money on Muangthai, that we remind our readers came out winner in their first clash.
The fight initially followed the gamblers forecast with Muangthai always moving forward and able to stun Kulabdam in various occasions during merciless trades of hits, but in the fourth round Kulabdam found the way to send his opponent to the canvas.
Muangthai tried anyway everything to get the match, with Kulabdam able to stand and contain until the final bell.
Match scored (48:48;48:48;47:48 to Kulabdam) draw on the scorecards of the referees with the  champion able in this way to retain his belt.
Yodlekpet is now challenging Kulabdam on a feud between gyms with a hefty sidebet on the line.


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