Video: Rodtang denied victory in Japan vs Nasukawa


Chiba’s Makahuri Messe Event Hall hosted the huge show Rise 125 headlined by the clash between the japanese sensation Tenshin Nasukawa vs ‘the thai tank’ Rodtang Jitmuangnon.

The extensive card of the event featured both male and female bouts with many top names of the international stages such as Hiroya and Momotaro.
The main event didnt delude the fans with an unorthodox and technical entertaining Tenshin facing the brutal power of the ferocious thai striker Rodtang.
First round appeared even with both fighters starting at a slow pace, only note Tenshin that connected a flying knee that surprised Rodtang on the chin without anyway harming the strong thai fighter.
Second round starts with a savage trade of hits of the 2 boxers, but with 3rd round Rodtang does his job as a ‘tank’: moving fearlessly forward and bombing the japanese fighter with power hits.
Tenshin appeared more than once on the verge of capitulating to the fierce game of Rodtang, that seemed in more occasion an opponent too tough for the japan’s favourite that was just trying to contain and countering with some surprise shots.
At the very beginning of rd. 5 both fighters tried the all in, with the first 30 seconds hosting a brutal trade between the two: Tenshin would eventually fade and Rodtang will end the match forward.
At the reading of the scorecards apperead clear the win of Rodtang, but…..BIG IN JAPAN: 2 referees scored the fight draw and just one in favour of Rodtang, and so one extra round was now on the line.
The 6th round appeared roughly same as the 5th, with the only difference of the fighters visibly tired.
At the end of the extra round the fight went again to the scorecard, that declared the japanese(unexpectedly) winner on 2 cards with one judge declaring the draw.
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Emmanuele Corti: he started to practice muay thai at a young age in Trieste (Italy), beginning to fight almost immediately in prestigious gala along with top Thai fighters and rising stars like the Petrosyan brothers. After a period of work experience leading him abroad, he eventually settled in Thailand in late 2011 crowning the dream of his life, which is to open a muay thai camp. From that year he has been actively following the preparation of his camp's fighters and has often collaborated with the Muay Farang team, continuing to fight actively for the major promotions of the Asian continent.


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