Video: K1 World GP Japan 57kg – 17.06.2018


Japan hosted last sunday june 17th K-1 world gp, featuring an 8 man tournament and few interesting superfights.
Here an overview of the tournament with video:
-Yuta wins vs Elias Mamouhdi on extra rd decision in what the french fans called a home decision, we let out readers decide. VIDEO
-Jorge Varela wins via Ko rd. 1 vs Kaito.
-Silviu Vitez lost by Ko rd 1 vs Ryusei , the call appeared to us a bit premature as Vitez seemed to be able to continue and finish the round.  VIDEO
-Haruma wins split decision vs Hirotaka,VIDEO.

-Yuta wins decision extra rd vs Jorge Varela, VIDEO.
-Haruma wins vs Ryusei via decision,VIDEO.

-Yuta wins TKO rd.1 (injury) vs Haruma, VIDEO.
Yuta crowned champion.

Among the superfights was very interesting the performance of the Brazilian/Japanese Kimura Minoru who beat for KO at R1 Kazuki Yamigawa in a spectacular way,VIDEO.

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