Video: All Star Fight 5 – Buakaw y Superbon


All Star Fight #5: Buakaw e Superbon vincono a Praga

Artículo anteriorAll Star Fight #5: Buakaw en Praga
Artículo siguientePetrosyan Vs. Allazov at BELLATOR ROME on July 14th 2018
Michele 'Tronco' Basile, born in 1984, from Pietrasanta, Tuscany. Degree in Law, Master in Sport Management, a restless and very independent lifestyle which take him living between Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Australia, and Thailand. Here he knew Gallo Cassarino family, in their camp '7 Muay Thai', and he approached Muay Thai, after practicing Boxing as an amateur. At '7 Muay Thai', he had the chance to work with the staff and to follow and study every single part of a 'Nak Muay' training, Thanks to a journalistic inspiration, he became a content editor for . A great sport fanatic, personal trainer, he has several passions: folksinging with guitar and harmonica, art films, geopolitics and.....'lifeguarding'.

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