Puntuacion en el «ONE Super Series Muay Thai»


One is without any doubt doing incredible effort to develop itself into a never seen before all comprehensive combat sports platform, achieving great results.

This happened because the management chose with an intelligent move to cater under its brand fighters from all around the world,esponentially  boosting in this way the visibility of the show.
But we suddenly noticed a dangerous flaw in this huge promotion.
What we are referring to, it is the difficulty to conprehend the scoring that rules the newly born «muay thai super series».
There is no mention about rules for muay thai in the official website, while there is a comprehensive section regarding mma; nothing is explained even to the spectator by the -at the very least- picturesque english commentary of the telecast.
Every other muay thai televised promotion has clear rules that may slightly differ from one show to another, but with One the rules appear to us uncertain.
We would like to mention a specific case that made us realize the matter, despite a previous fight where judges declared winner Lerdsila versus champion from Cambodia rose concern among the public: the match up between frenchman Samy Sana(red corner)and Songkraw Petchyindee(blue corner) from Thailand (VIDEO)
What we notice at first is that referee has little close to non existent duty in the bout other than in some sporadic moments.
Songraw plays fimeu, while Sana moves forward: on such a large stage with no corners action is made even more difficult on a 3×3 format that should aim for boxers to trade hits in order to entertain the public.
Sana was eventually able to score a knock down in rd. 3 after having , in our opinion, gotten the decision in both previous rounds.
Songraw declared winner by the judges.
What we would like to understand, and we are certain also the large majority of people that stayed tuned on the television, is the reason behind this decision mostly for being able in the future to better enjoy and follow the development of the muay thai bouts ruled by this promotion.
We look forward for much needed updates and indications from One management, sure that the management will understand the importance of giving clarification about this vital issue.

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