Video: Top King World Series Results – Sangmanee won, Yodwicha Champion again

TOPKING WORLD SERIES presented to the fans a huge proportion show during last night,10th february in Guang’an China, with live broadcast on thai channel MONO 29.
Results as following:
*Main Event:Sangmanee(tha) wins via TKO rd 3 vs Kirin Sirnov(rus).
*2017/2018 70kg Tournament Finals:
Semifinal:Yodwicha(tha) wins UD Gabriel Mazzetti(per) in a very close match that in our opinion deserved to be the actual final, where the latino undoubtedly shown his value.
Final:Yodvicha winner  vs Pascal Schrot(ger) via KO rd 2 and new Top King 70 kg champion.
*Petchmorakot(tha) wins decision vs Fabian Hundt(ger)
*Yodphanonrung(tha) wins decision vs Julio Lobo(bra), with the brazilian putting on stage a good performance
*Samuel Bark(swe) vs Liang Huan Yao(chi):the chinese fighter doesnt delude his public and KO hard hitter ‘Sammon’ in rd. 2.
*Petchboonchuay F.A.GROUP(tha) VS Han Zi Hao (chi), with the chinese winner by KO rd 3.
*Singh Pharanchai(tha)def Christian Hyatt (Hawaii-USA) by KO in round 3


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