Knockout First Impact: Tenshin Nasukawa still protagonist


It’s interesting how the attention of the larger audience got caught by the somehow expected loss of transgender marketing hype Nong Rose at Knockout Japan-ko’ed by japanese fighter-while the main event of the same promotion, that produced another incredible performance of ‘Ring Genius’ Tenshin Nasukawa, got inexplicably almost ignored.
Tenshin, that we remind our readers being the most pristine talent that Japan has produced in recent years and able to KO names such as Wanchalong, Amnat and Ryan Sheenan, was facing this time strong Suakim (former Lumpinee Champion).
The match has been just an authentic clash of styles, with the japanese youngster performing his usual hybrid and spectacular karate style (cartwheel kicks included) with fast combinations in opposition to the pure thai style of his opponent.


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