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Muay Thai finally restart

oday Siam Omnoi hosted the first show of 'the post covid era' with the much anticipated 'new normal directives' with staff and boxers abiding...

Bangkok’s Muay Thai trying to take off amidst turbulence

Last Wednesday afternoon Nuttadej Wachirarattanawong (Khun Boat) was the protagonist of a highly anticipated press conference in his Petchyindee camp to explain the reasons...

Bloody Elbow presses ONE regarding the millionaire losses

This article is only in Italian language Here is the full article of Bloody Elbow published on June 8, 2020: https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/6/8/21275948/one-championship-finances-accumulated-losses-skyrocket-to-126-million  

Thailand: New Normal boxing stadium regulations

A Thai language article reports the rules that maybe be adopted at the imminent reopening of the Muay Thai stadiums in Thailand. After a meeting...

World Siam Stadium, an innovative stadium

We at News Muay Farang took an interest in the World Siam Stadium, a new stadium opening in Bangkok. We asked to Mr Christopher Jhon Marsing,...

The hardest weight classes for fighters

The article is a translation of a text conceived and written by Gonzalo Tebar (esquinathai.es) for fightrecord.co.uk

Sittichai: “it’s past Giorgio’s prime”… the best pound-for-pound Kickboxer of all time

1.  When you started fight and why? I was born and raised on a farm in Buri Ram Province, Thailand. My parents are farmers and...

Muaythai and children: the difference between Thailand and Europe

Muaythai is a fundamental part of Thai culture, followed and loved by both adults and children. All the greatest champions, some of them are also...

Why Muai Thai Is So Big In Thailand

Why Muai Thai Is So Big In Thailand Many who have looked into Muay Thai take it for granted that it’s one of the most...

Insisti, resisti, conquista! La storia di Emanuele Tetti

Insisti, resisti, conquista! La storia di Emanuele Tetti

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VIDEO: Samy Sana Vs Martin Meoni behind the scenes and full fight

The Parisian Samy Sana returned to his homering, Paris and faced the Italian Martin Méoni with the Muay Thai rules with covered elbows ....

FLASH NEWS: Reopening of the stadium to the public

Rangsit Boxing Stadium in Bangkok will reopen access to the public on Thursday 13 August. Spectators' entry into stadiums has been banned across Thailand due...

Boxe: Kulabdam lost by decision his WBA asia titleshot

The highly anticipated boxing match between Kulabdam and  Sangarthit Looksaikongdin that had been suspended for the COVID emergency was on stage in Bangkok today. Kulabdam...