New event coming soon on Thai TV: Real Hero Muay Thai

Real Hero Muay Thai, a new show on ‘1 round knockout tournament’ format is going to start the next March 4st in Bangkok, every sunday at 4 – 6 p.m. broadcast live on Amarin TV (channel 34 HD).
There will be a big press conference release on 21st Feb at ‘Asiatique The river Front’ (Bangkok) at 1.00 pm.
The tournament will be held for males in the weight categories of 60,63,65,67 and 70 kgs with a rich money prize for the winner ,there are rumors of 100.000 baht (2600€) prize for any tournament winner.

Here a comprehensive overview of the rules:
1. Competition is one 5 minute round only. Fighters can punch, kick, knee, or elbow but can not headbutt or strike the groin area. 
2. Full score of fight is 10 points. 
Breakdown is as it follows: 
2.1 Before the fight, the fighter must pass official weight for the scheduled event.
2.2 if both fighters perform in  equal way  the fighter who moves forward will get more points. 
2.3 The points will depend on performance i.e. 
2.3.1 The fighter that punches, kicks, knees, elbows more and more accurately.  
2.3.2 The fighter whose strikes are more powerful.  
3. 3 knockdown rules. Who was counted 3 times will lose by knockout. 
4. In case of head strike causing a cut where the fight is stopped.  
4.1 Intentional headbutt  will lead to disqualification. 
4.2 Unintentional headbutt leading to stop the fight will go to scorecards. The judges will collect score of each fighter before the accident. Who gets more score, will get proclaimed winner. 
5. The fighter who will win 3 matches within a tournament will become Real Hero champion. 


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