Video: Iman Barlow vs Jleana Valentino


Iman ‘Pretty Killer’ Barlow protagonist at A NIGHT OF MUAY THAI 5 hosted by Assassins Promotions the last 3rd march.

Her schedelud opponent was italian Jleana Valentino(recently winner of WBC european title) in a 5×2 format.
Unfortunately the italian didn’t impress the expert Iman, that scored an easy victory although appearing less sharp than usual.
Jleana, knowledgeable K1 rules expert, shown somehow that muay thai is not her favourite discipline, never able to control the clinch and not effectively scoring any relevant action throughout the match.
Next appointment for Iman Barlow the clash vs Yolanda Schmidt(World Muay Thai Angels  champion)the next apr. 14th in Melbourne.

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