Videos & Fights Recap: Best of Siam at Lumpinee Stadium


Jean Charles Skarbowski joined forces with Madame Ratanasuban / One
Songchai Promotion to offer a great show at
Lumpinee Boxing Stadium with live broadcast in France on SFR
Sport 5.
The official weight of the bouts with foreign fighters didnt take place
as usual custom at the Lumpinee Headquarters the morning of the same day, but the day before.
Only exception the Lumpinee Title belt match between challenger Dylan Salvador (that looked visibly exhausted at 147 pounds limit) and champion Rafi Bohic. To be noted that Frenchman Elias
Mahmoudi (Mahmoudi gym) failed once again to reach the contracted weight, thus forcing the sanctioning commission to deny the validation of his bout as WBC world title challenge.
Elias eventually lost by points against young Rungkao, despite showing pristine skills and scoring an overall impressive performance at Lumpinee.
Here are the results of the evening:
-Bangpleenoi wins points against Brice Delval;
-Buakiew Sit2png wins TKO rd 4 vs Bobo Sacko-Buakiew NEW
– Rungkao Petchyindee Academy (126lb) wins ai points against Elias Mahmoudi (126 Lb.)
-Rafi Bohic defends his Lumpinee belt in 147 pounds by winning
for TKO rd 4 against Dylan Salvador.
-Prakaiphet Nitisamui wins ai against Yodkuntub (main event)

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